Are Electric Guitars Expensive?


If you play the guitar and are looking to upgrade your current acoustic model to an electric one, you might wonder: are electric guitars expensive?

Electric guitars are not cheap. They tend to cost more than other guitars, but there are reasons for that.

The features that make electric guitars different from acoustic guitars also add to the cost and make them more expensive than other models. So what exactly makes an electric guitar so much more costly than its acoustic counterparts? Let’s look at some reasons and see if it’s worth investing in one of these instruments.

Composition Of An Electric Guitar

Acoustic and electric guitars composition is different, just as the method of playing and the sound they produce is distinct. An electric guitar’s body, neck, bridge, strings, and headstock are its primary components. The guitar’s body is where the sound is made and reverberates. It is built from a combination of materials, such as wood, metal, or a combination of the two. The wood is usually spruce or maple, while the metal is typically an alloy called steel. The variety of these materials makes the body extremely durable while still being light enough that it’s not difficult to play.

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Electric guitars appear to be more user-friendly than acoustics. The construction is more proficient, and the parts are mainly of a higher caliber. The electric guitar strings are thinner and simpler to press down and pluck. Additionally, the guitar’s neck is more petite, enabling players to more easily wrap their hands around the instrument and achieve superior finger alignment.

Reasons why electric guitars are expensive

Electric guitars are more expensive than acoustic guitars for a few key reasons. Because some features or hardware makes them stand out from cheaper acoustics.


The materials used in constructing the electric guitar are more costly than the wood used in most acoustic models. Additionally, the electronics and hardware used in electric guitars are expensive. The hardware is usually a product of stainless steel or nickel. These materials are much more expensive than brass, copper, or other alloys used in acoustic guitars.

Also, the electrical components used in an electric guitar are much more refined than those in an acoustic. Apart from the standard plug and wiring, an electric guitar has several special sensors that detect when a string is playing and how hard it’s pressing against the fretboard.


In the long run, Electric guitars cost more due to their accessories. An electric guitar’s price tag can easily increase by a few thousand dollars, thanks to amplifiers, cabinets, headphones, speakers, and pedalboards. Without these accessories, the guitar would barely produce any sound.


You can immediately distinguish an electric guitar from an acoustic. Although both guitars have significantly different aesthetics, electric guitars appear to have a broader range of designs. Each electric guitar seems to have its distinct personality.

String Quality

String quality is another major factor that increases the price of an electric guitar. Since you’re dealing with high-powered electrical currents, the strings must be sturdy and durable enough to handle that power. It would be best if you also had strings made from pure copper or nickel, which is much more expensive than other alloys. Pure copper is a better conductor of electricity than nickel, but it’s also a little richer in sound. This condition makes copper a better choice for playing in groups and recording, while nickel is better for solo acoustic performances.

String Gauge

The gauge of the strings also plays a huge role. Electric guitars have much thicker strings than acoustic guitars because they need to produce more sound. The thinner the string is, the less volume it makes. This is why most electric guitars have strings with a gauge of at least .10 or .12. They need a lot of power to produce sound.

Prices of Electric Guitar

The price of an electric guitar can range from $100 to millions of dollars. For Beginners, guitars range in price from $100 to $400.An average guitar would run you about $500. Intermediate guitars vary from $400 to $ 900, and Professional guitars can cost thousands of dollars. In the end, Your skill level and budget will play a role in selecting the right guitar. The guitar brand also influences the price, whether it’s a high-end or average one.

Different types of electric guitars

There are different electric guitars, each with a unique sound and style. From the classic Gibson Les Paul to the sleek and modern Fender Stratocaster, there is an electric guitar for everyone. While some guitars are better suited for specific genres of music, others are best for various music styles. Below is a quick overview of some popular electric guitars, their defining characteristics, and their prices.

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1. Telecaster: The Telecaster is a popular guitar for country and rock music. It is known for its unique twangy sound and ability to cut through a mix. It can cost as much as 2500 depending on the model.

2. Stratocaster: The Stratocaster is a versatile guitar used for various music genres, from country to metal. It has a bright, cutting sound and is one of the most popular and iconic electric guitars. The costs typically range between 180 and 2500

3. Les Paul: Les Paul is another prominent guitar for rock and blues. It has a thick, powerful and rich sound. The brand’s base-level guitars range from 150 to 3000.

4. SG: The SG is a famous guitar for heavy metal and hard rock. It has a very aggressive sound.

Final Words

Electric guitars are a good investment but are not cheap by any means. You can spend as much as millions of dollars on a high-end electric guitar. The cost of these instruments is rising as they become more advanced and incorporate newer technology. The expense of an electric guitar may be a hindrance for some. However, if you play the guitar and are serious about advancing your skill and becoming a better musician, an electric guitar is worth the cost.

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