The Best 3 Glues for Guitar Nuts Reviewed


You might need to change your guitar nut because the old one is cracked. Or you want to upgrade to a fancy or better quality material and will need the best glue for guitar nut. Bone is the most typical upgrade among guitar owners.

Sometimes, you can take your old string off, and your nut falls off alone. Gluing your nut might be mandatory. String pressure and friction between the neck and nut holds it in place.

But, you can benefit from some drops of glue. You want to fix the nut in place and avoid losing it if it falls off when changing the strings. There are advantages and disadvantages of gluing your nut in place.

If you must, it would be best to use the correct type of glue. The amount also matters. Check out our guide below:

1. Elmer’s Clear Liquid Glue

Elmer's Clear Liquid School Glue, Slime Glue, & Craft Glue | Large 1 Quart for School Supplies & Slime Supplies | Washable Glue

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Feature Highlight

  • 1 Quart
  • Bottle packaging
  • Clear glue

Guitarists can replace their nuts using Elmer’s clear glue because it is crafts-approved. Well, you won’t be crafting anything, just a little bit of repair. It is a washable glue and an easy way to bond the nut to your guitar.

I know we all believe in the power of superglue more than we believe in our dreams. But that is one of the glue types pro guitarists discourage you from using on your guitar. Do you know why?

You can’t reposition it. But you can do it on Elmer’s glue before setting it. Besides, it is very safe and non-toxic.

If you have kids and teens around who want to help with guitar repairs, be confident in this one. Being a colorless formula, it forms the perfect transparent slime to use as a base.

You can customize the color to that of your guitar. It is easy to make it seem like a perfect job without looking like a repair. The drying is colorless if you don’t want to customize the base with any color.

Most runny glues can be messy and make you waste a lot of it. Forget it when you buy the Elmer’s. It is easy to use and saves you time.

The Good

  • Customizable using colors
  • Dries clear
  • Saves time
  • Non-toxic
  • Washable
  • Easy to adjust before setting

The Concerns

  • Exposure to moisture for a few seconds loosens the glue

2. Titebond 5013 Liquid Glue

Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, 8-Ounces #5013

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Feature Highlight

  • Bottle packaging
  • 237 ml Volume
  • Wood material

Titebond prides itself in manufacturing the first ever hide glue in liquid form. It comes ready to use and won’t need mixing or heating. Should I say it saves you time, energy, and resources?

You can use it straight from the box. Most guitars have a wooden body.

It makes this glue the perfect option for gluing nuts.

Professional woodworkers recommend it for its incomparable strength. The formula needs a longer assembly time. It might be a disadvantage if you want it to dry in seconds.

On the brighter side it gives you enough time to set it well. You can sand it down if it dries on spots you don’t want.

It works if you want guitar nut glue with superior creep resistance. Besides using it to secure your nut back, you can use it for a crackling effect.

It gives a weathered look to your guitar’s body. The glue  disintegrates when in contact with moisture.

The Good

  • Longer setting time
  • Hide glue formulation
  • Comes ready-to-use
  • Exceptional strength

The Concerns

  • The formula is slightly drippy
  • It doesn’t come with instructions on how to use

3. STAR BRITE Epoxy Putty Stick

STAR BRITE Epoxy Putty Stick - Make Fast, Permanent Repairs - Even Underwater, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic 4 OZ. (087104)

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as of September 13, 2023 12:23 am

Feature Highlight

  • Compatible with most materials
  • 5 Minutes set time
  • 1-Hour cure time
  • Off-white cure color
  • 4 Fluid ounces

The manufacturer terms it as the perfect solution for your emergency repairs. If the emergency is an hour or longer, this will do. But if you need a quick fix in minutes, you might need to consider the two options above.

You can knead the putty by hand and finish your repair. It should take you 7 minutes before the curing process starts. If you use a tiny bit, 30 minutes is enough to cure the putty for sanding.

If your guitar is a different color from off-white, you can paint over the dried putty. The formula’s high density allows it to bear high pressure and temperatures. It is ideal for your nut fixes.

The Good

  • It takes time to set
  • Almost permanent solution
  • Easy to use

The Concerns

  • Quite smelly

More Reasons for needing Nut Glue

I have mentioned a few reasons in the introduction for needing to change your nut. Here are other why you might need the glue, even if your nut is in place:

  • If your strings are producing odd vibration noises but you can’t identify the cause
  • A wider nut slot, especially on electric guitars, makes it not fit snugly
  • The nut slipping sideways while playing, leading to tuning issues
  • Difficulty in changing strings

When wood dries, it shrinks. It is a hygroscopic material and can re-absorb moisture. If it does, it swells.

You might have your guitar in a dry area that can cause the nut slot to widen. The original nut won’t fit and will be loose. Some wood glue will do since it is flexible but can hold your nut in place in various humidity levels.

Forbidden Glues

I had to be very precise about the title of this section. These are glue types to avoid if you lack the options above. While repairing your guitar, you want to maintain its quality, performance, and aesthetics. 

Avoid the below glues:

  • Super glue
  • Silicone
  • Builders glue
  • Contact adhesive


So many opinions exist on using glue to fix your guitar nut. If your nut slot is perfect, you can forego gluing. But if its condition is poor, or you are experiencing sound problems, the glue might be an ideal option.

Elmer’s glue is the most recommended in this case. It is the best one for all ages and easy to use. If you want to change to a different glue, you can clean it up and have a bare surface to work with.

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