Do Guitar Straps Work on Bass?


The weight of the bass is unbearable. There are chances for poor performance if the bass is not well secured in its position. For this reason, what can you use to support your bass? Do guitar straps work on bass?

You can use guitar straps on the bass. Besides, straps made for bass refer to the straps with dimensions best fitting the player and can support heavy instruments without hurting the player. Such straps are expected to be long and wide. They should also be padded to support the heavy weight of the instrument. In fact, you should purchase a strap that is the best fit for you. Like a strap with dimension and material of your choice regardless of the intended instrument to play with.

Manufacturing companies today do not label straps if you should play them on guitars or bass. They normally label them as a universal strap, meaning they can work on any playing instrument that requires straps.

Coming up with the best strap to serve your purpose requires extra knowledge. Or determining the strap that could best serve a particular instrument is a crucial thing to keep in mind. However, if you need to know more about bass straps, you’re in the right place.

Which Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Strap?

When selecting a strap for your bass, personal taste plays an important part. However, there are other factors to remember when selecting a strap for your instrument. They include

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Whenever the instrument is heavier, it’ll require greater support on the shoulder. Most of the standard straps have a width of 5 cm and 8 cm. So the narrower a strap is, the less support it offers, and more pressure is felt on your shoulder. What does this mean? The wider strap distributes pressure. Meaning the force won’t be concentrated on a single point. Thus will feel less weight of the instrument. However, despite the width of the instrument, if you experience less comfort, you can attach a pad to the neck to reduce the pain.


Although straps are adjustable, it’s crucial to determine the length you require. Measure the distance around your shoulder from the side button of the bass to the other. If playing your bass at knee height is what you want, then consider a longer version for that option. Such longer versions include the Thomann Nylon XXL Strap.


When selecting a strap, choose one that is comfortable around your neck. So, it could be best if you tried it with your bass before giving it a go. Different straps have different performances on different players. Some of the players prefer simple and flat leather belts. Others need thick and neoprene padding types on their shoulders.


The material to select entirely depends on the player’s preference and choice. But there are factors to consider before choosing the material for the strap. Like in humid conditions or for a sweaty player, choose a strap that won’t be slippery when it gets wet.

For smooth leather straps, they’re normally slippery. Also, synthetic fibers and nylon are slippery. If you need a strap that best fits wet conditions, consider using a raw leather, suede, or fabric strap. Also, good material is polypropylene for straps that can be used when wet.

How Can You Use the Right Bass Strap Length?

The problem most players experience when buying a strap online is getting the needed length. Because the strap is measured from attachment hole to hole, the best way to get the length you need is to measure dimensions from the previous strap. If you do not have a previous strap for whatever reason, below are guidelines on how you can purchase a strap with a length that best fits your requirements.


Player’s Height and Weight

Select a strap depending on the player’s height. Generally, for the players having a height of ‘6’ and below, standard strap length could serve best for them. Players with over ‘6’ should prefer longer straps, for that sake.

Attachment Peg Placement

The strap attachment peg on the bass can be located in different positions. Some of the basses have the peg on top of the bout, while in others, you’ll get them placed where the bass neck meets with its body. For that sake, you’ll require a few inches for the strap.

The Height the Player Holds the Bass

Some players prefer to hold the bass below the waist. A longer strap could be the choice to go for such players. Where the player prefers holding the bass up the waist, standard strap length should be the choice. But where longer straps are only available, you can adjust the length to fit your option.

Which Is the Best Strap for a Bass?

From the explanations above, for now, you have the best knowledge in selecting the best strap for your bass. When you say a strap is best for you, it means the strap meets your needs. So if you want the best strap, you may try several of them before concluding about the strap you want.

Another way of coming up with the best strap choice, consider which is preferred by most professional players. But if that is not of help to you, select a strap that can offer support without hurting your shoulder. Such straps need to provide a high level of comfort and offer playability. Also, they should be of high quality and should not be slippery if wet. So select a wider strap. A wider strap helps distribute the pressure around your neck hence less pressure you’re likely to experience.

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Is There a Difference Between a Guitar and Bass Straps?

There is no difference between a bass strap and a guitar strap. The straps are universal and can be used on any playing instrument that requires a strap. The only difference is how you’ll attach the strap to the instrument.

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Pros and Cons of Bass Guitar

Produce unique bass soundThey are heavy
Best for modern rock and pop soundThey are expensive


You can use guitar straps on a bass. The straps are universal and can be used on any instrument that requires a strap when playing. However, straps for bass should be wider. Wider straps are best for heavier instruments like bass. They help distribute pressure, and the chances of getting hurt on your shoulder could be minimal.

On the other hand, padding could greatly help offer more support for the heavier instrument. However, select a strap that best fits you and should be more comfortable around your neck. Also, select a strap that is not slippery when it gets wet. Such straps can be of suede.

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