How Much Does a Bass Guitar Weigh?

Most people underestimate the weight of a bass guitar. A bass that is too heavy can make it hard to play.

The weight of the bass guitar depends on the particular brand and model. Meanwhile, standard string bass guitar weighs less than a bass with more strings. The average weight of a bass guitar lies between 8-10lbs. In addition, the heaviest bass can weigh as much as 13-15 lbs.

So, how much does a bass guitar weigh? Here we will be looking at what makes bass guitars heavy and whether a bass guitar’s weight affects its tone.

Why are bass guitars heavy?

A bass guitar is a musical instrument with a long neck and a large body that produces a deep, low-frequency sound. When it comes to a bass guitar’s weight, several factors make the instrument heavier.

The most important factor in a bass guitar’s weight is its body size. The body of a bass guitar is a large metal, plastic, or wood shell that contains the sound box, strings, and electronics.

The bigger the body, the more volume the bass guitar produces.

The other reason for the increased weight of the bass guitar is the number of strings. The more strings a bass guitar has, the heavier it is. Because it requires which requires a more extended and broader neck and more frets.

Furthermore, The same applies to the bridge, as it has to be heavier and broader to attach more strings. Also, the body of a bass guitar should be tough enough to handle pressure from the strings.

If a bass guitar has a lighter body, the headstock will keep dropping downward as it cannot counter the weight of the headstock. Therefore the bass guitar needs to be heavy to create a balance to avoid the neck dive of the headstock.

Does the heavy bass guitar have a better tone?

Many people think that the heavier the bass guitar, the better it sounds. But the truth is, heavier bass guitars actually don’t make that much of a difference in terms of how good they sound.

The sound of the bass guitar is affected by the quality of materials, how the instrument is made, and most of all, by the skill of the person who plays it. So no, a heavy bass guitar will not make any significant difference in a better tone than a lighter bass.

How much does a bass guitar weigh? The perfect weight of a bass guitar

Bass guitar weight ranges from 8-10 lbs on average. The standard 4-string bass guitar is usually lighter than 5,6 or more stringed basses. The additional strings on a bass guitar require extra parts and expanded fret wires, truss rods, nut, neck, fretboard, bridge, saddle, and headstock.

So, what should be the ideal weight of a bass guitar? The answer to it is the perfect weight of a bass guitar that you feel comfortable with. It also depends on the type of music you play, your size, and how much you practice. For example, if you play metal or jazz, you will want a heavier bass guitar than if you play country or pop.

Make your bass guitar less heavy

Playing a heavy bass guitar can become uncomfortable and cause discomfort. Usually, it can hurt your back, shoulders while standing, and your legs when sitting. But this discomfort could be from the incorrect position of the bass guitar rather than its weight.

If you feel discomfort while playing your bass guitar, you should pay attention to when and where it starts to get uncomfortable. Therefore here are some ways to make your bass less heavy to make your bass guitar playing session comfortable.

Use a broader strap

You can switch to a broader strap if you are feeling discomfort while playing your bass guitar. It will help you hold your guitar comfortably while standing and alleviate much of the shoulder and back discomfort.

A wider strap perfectly distributes the weight of the bass guitar through your body. This way, it will feel lighter than before and allow you to practice or play a gig comfortably.

Keep the bass higher to the torso

You might have seen your favorite rock band bassists playing their instruments at knee level that certainly looks cool. But playing bass at that position requires you to hunch forward. This posture can get extremely uncomfortable and cause back pain.

Pulling the bass guitar higher to your torso allows you to play the bass more efficiently and comfortably. Moreover, it will correct your posture and relieve back pain associated with bass playing.

Correct your posture when sitting

Playing the bass guitar can cause physical discomfort when sitting. It happens when you lean onto your bass guitar and hurt your back and leg. Make sure your posture is correct and straight rather than crooked.

Once you correct your posture, you can play your bass comfortably for an extended time without any pain or discomfort.

Listen to your body

Remember to always listen to your body and stop playing bass guitar when it becomes uncomfortable. Make sure to rest well and keep an eye on how your body interacts with bass playing. Correcting your posture and finding a perfect playing position can make it more comfortable.


The weight of a bass guitar is underestimated quite often. A heavy bass guitar can make playing challenging, whereas a lighter one might feel off balance. However, its weight doesn’t affect the quality of tone and sound it makes.

Although the weight of a bass guitar depends on the model and brand, on average, it weighs between 8 and 10 lbs. The standard 4-string bass guitar weighs less than those with 5 or more strings. So now you know how much does a bass guitar weigh? And we hope it might help you choose the perfect bass for yourself.

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