Can You Use Guitar Strings on a Ukulele?


Two of the most well-known string instruments in popular music are the ukulele and the guitar. Both have a long history dating back to the lute, but their design and function have changed over time.

The four-stringed Portuguese ukulele also called the uke or You-ka-ley-ley, resembles a classical acoustic guitar more than anything else. It has four nylon strings that vary in size and structure for tone and volume. Finding its strings can be as challenging as pronouncing its name. The question of whether guitar strings may be used on a ukulele is frequently raised. If this is among your worries, you’re in the right place.

The short answer is Yes! You can use guitar strings on a ukulele. Typically, this using guitar strings on the ukulele will help you save money. All you need is the knowledge of which guitar string to use for which ukulele string.

This article brings you all the information you need regarding the subject. Read on to learn more.

What type of guitar strings can I use on a ukulele?

As stated above, you can use guitar strings on a ukulele. However, you need knowledge of which guitar string can match the ukulele.

Classical guitar strings can generally be used on a ukulele, but steel-stringed acoustic and electric guitar strings won’t. Any material will typically have a maximum amount of tension it can withstand. Most ukuleles are designed to work with nylon or fluorocarbon strings and cannot withstand the stress steel strings require. You shouldn’t use steel strings on a ukulele that was designed for nylon ones.

 How many types of ukulele exist?

The baritone ukulele has 18 to 21 frets, the tenor ukulele has 17 to 19 frets, the ukulele concert has 15 to 18 frets, and the soprano ukulele, which has 12 to 15 frets, are the four primary varieties of ukuleles.

The type and level of construction determine a ukulele’s cost. Acacia koa is the material used to make high-quality ukuleles, while plywood, plastic, or laminate wood is used to make low-quality models.

Is the Ukulele Different from Stringed Guitar?

The ukulele is, in reality, more similar to a guitar than any other instrument. However, the two string instruments differ significantly in the following ways;

  • Ukuleles typically have four strings, but guitars often have six. Unlike guitars, which can also employ steel strings, ukuleles typically only have nylon strings. The tunings of the two instruments are different. A guitar can go down almost two full octaves more than a ukulele can, giving it a much wider range than the latter instrument.
  • In addition to being smaller than guitars, ukuleles are typically simpler to play. Ukuleles are a bit simpler to grasp for those just starting in music theory because they have fewer strings and can play fewer notes.

However, most people already proficient with a larger string instrument, such as the guitar, find that their abilities quickly transfer to the ukulele. Adventurers frequently comment that they find the ukulele’s sound inherently soothing and pleasant, which is one of the new effects of playing the instrument.

What are the similarities between a ukulele and a guitar?

Ukulele and guitar are fretted musical instruments. They possess a neck made of wood with flat metal frets. These frets allow these instruments to produce a variety of pitches.

Body form: Most ukuleles and acoustic guitars have a similar shape that boosts sound while maintaining a lightweight body. 

Playing techniques: The ukulele and acoustic guitar can be used as melodic and harmonic instruments. Nonetheless, a guitar is more frequently employed as a melodic instrument in a large ensemble since it generally resonates louder and projects farther.

How can you replace ukulele strings with guitar strings?

Our explanation above shows that guitars are bigger and longer than ukuleles. As a result, switching ukulele strings for guitar strings requires some calculating, measuring, and cutting.

Before you begin, you must first measure your ukulele’s length and available guitar strings. If your ukulele is so small and your guitar strings are twice as long as your ukulele, you can cut the guitar strings in half and use them instead. Ensure that you cut the strings to match the length of your uke if they are too long or unable to give two halves.

What are the benefits of using guitar strings on the ukulele?

To say that you are using guitar strings on your ukulele is not merely fancy. There are a few advantages to playing guitar strings on a ukulele. While some advantages are purely subjective, others might be universal. This is such that what is effective for one person may not be effective for another. Some of these benefits include the following.

  • Reduces cost. Generally, guitars are longer than ukuleles, and so are the strings. Using guitar strings on the ukulele can help save you a few dollars. This is because one guitar string can end up giving two strings on the ukulele, which you can use one and keep the other for yet another time.
  • Saves time. Guitar strings are more common to find than ukulele strings. For more busy persons, using guitar strings on a ukulele can help them save time and dedicate it to other useful activities.
  • It gives a right-hand feel. The strings on a traditional ukulele are very thin. They don’t offer enough grip and responsiveness in the right hand. It’s crucial to have a string diameter for the fingerstyle ukulele that is comfortable for the right hand to play. The heavier classical guitar strings provide that.
  • Changes the tone. The thicker diameter of classical guitar strings influences the tone significantly. Classical guitar strings on a ukulele produce a warmer, richer tone than ukulele strings. It is important to get a good sound from your instrument; therefore, it is crucial to have a string that enables you to sculpt the sound you desire. The guitar strings on the ukulele do the magic.


The question about whether or not you can use guitar strings on a ukulele is often provoked by the fact that the ukulele is an ancient instrument, and it is challenging to find its strings for replacement. Fortunately, you can use guitar strings on a ukulele. All you need to do is ensure that you use the right guitar strings for your ukulele.

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